Not that long ago women would spend 10 days in hospital following the birth of their baby. To recover from the birth, bond with their babies and learn how to effectively feed. They had open access to qualified Midwives 24 hours a day to guide and support them and answer any concerns they may have had for the duration of their stay.  Unfortunately, due to the financial pressures and cutbacks our NHS face sadly maternity and postnatal care at times can be compromised having a negative impact on its patients. Often, women can talk positively about care and support during pregnancy and birth but have felt very lost and alone once they arrive home with their newborn baby.

Support and education continue to remain just as valuable into the postnatal stage and that support needs to be consistent and reliable and this is what we can offer. This will follow the new mother’s time scale and agenda to make sure this time is remembered with positive emotions rather than desperate or frightening memories.

Our service can offer you, compassionate, understanding one to one postnatal care led by qualified Midwives who can guide, help and inform you with up to date current, evidence-based practice.

Our role would work in conjunction with any postnatal support you may receive from the NHS and is not there to replace it. We can be flexible and work with any of the Midwives you may see to maximize your care and give you dedicated time to answer any questions, offer one to one feeding support, give baby bath demonstrations or whatever you feel would be beneficial in supporting you as a new family. We will follow you and your baby’s individual care plan.

Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email to discuss any of our packages or answer any of the questions you may have. We tailor make packages to suit each individual.

We have discounted the 10 sessions making it cheaper than the hourly rate as we feel passionate about how invaluable this support can be at one of the most life-changing moments you should ever experience.

Five visits for £120

Ten visits for £230

Or Alternatively, You Can Book By The Hour at £25.

You choose when and what time you would like your visits. Some women may decide they want a visit every day for 10 days upon discharge of hospital others may wish to spread them over more weeks and have 2 visits a week for 5 weeks. Research tells us it is more useful to have more visits in the first week to 10 days. But, this is entirely your decision.

What you can be sure of is your care will be provided with continuity, a familiar face and non-judgmental support tailored around you.

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